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 Tampere University of Technology

TUT (Tampere University of Technology is one of the leading universities in technical university education and research in Finland, with alltogether ca. 11.500 students and 1000 employees. The Institute of Software Systems (ISS) employs 100 professors, teachers, researchers, corresponding to 60 full time equivalents. The institute has ca 1100 M.Sc. students from which 700 students are majoring and 400 minoring in the software engineering subject areas. In addition, there are ca 450 Ph.D. students in the Department of Information Technology.

The main research and education areas of the Institute of Software Systems are Formal Methods, Program Verification, Embedded Systems, Mobile and Distributed Systems, Usability and Software Engineering. There has also been increasing research and development work in the field of computer assisted proramming education. The number of students on basic programming courses is large, even 700 students on a course. For this reason ISS has especially been developing solutions to manage large classes and to support individual students in their learning of programming. Different kinds of tools and applications are used on practically all courses to support both students and teachers in their work.

Codewitz Project Staff

Mr. Hannu-Matti Järvinen, Dr.Tech.
Professor, Head of the Department of Information Technology

tel. +358 3 3115 2702
gsm. +358 40 849 0741

Professor on software of embedded systems since 1996 at Tampere University of Technology. The Dean of the Department of Information Technology since 1998.

My general interest lies on areas close to embedded systems like real-time systems, operating systems, and dependable (fault-tolerant) systems. On the other hand, teaching has always been in my interests, and hence, new technology applied to the learning process is a very attractive branch of research and practice to me.

Ms. Essi Lahtinen, M.Sc.
Lecturer, Codewitz Local Coordinator

tel. +358 3 3115 3838

I'm working as a programming teacher in TUT. I'm specially interested in developing the teaching on my course through CodeWitz because I'm also studying to be a teacher in Häme Polytechnic Vocational Teacher Education College. Besides I would like to do my post-graduate studies research on teaching programming.

Ms. Kirsti Ala-Mutka, M.Sc.
Teaching Research Scientist, Codewitz Local Coordinator

tel. +358 3 3115 3828

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