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 University Jean Monnet

ISTASE (Institut Supérieur des Techniques Avancées de Saint Etienne) was created in 1991. This institute is part of University Jean Monnet and trains engineers in three years (Secondary School Diploma plus 5 years' higher education). These engineers become executives in the industry.

The syllabus focuses on such subjects as electronics, optics, computer science, signal processing, industrial micro-computing, networks, telecommunications and imaging.

It leads to the title of ISTASE Engineer

The training includes constant contact with the professional world : indeed, industrialists teach courses at ISTASE. Moreover, students carry out a work placement during their first year and a five-month end-of-studies training during their third year. During the latter, the student is faced with problems in the fields of research and industrial development.

Since the year 2000-2001, some ISTASE students have been able to continue their training in a company for 9 months, thanks to Tele-teaching. It is also possible to prepare a DEA simultaneously during the third year (postgraduate certificate prior to doctoral thesis). These graduates can choose to do a PhD or work for the industry. They can also prepare a DRT (Technological Research Diploma).

The teaching given at ISTASE is voluntarily multidisciplinary and is adapted to the numerous job advertisements it receives every day.

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Codewitz Project Staff

Jacques Fayolle
Codewitz Local Coordinator

tel. +33 4 7748 5016
fax. +33 4 7748 5039

I’m involved since 1999 in the field of eLearing as project manager of a numerical campus grouping together 8 schools in the field of electronic, informatic, telecom, automatism, ...

This role conduct me to make some researchs about the different way of pedagogy.

As lecturer, my disciplin are mainly Java programming and server configurations. Therefore, i’m very interested by the different development made in the Codewitz project.

Alain M. Mure-Ravaud
International relations and internship coordinator in ISTASE

tel. +33 4 7791 5823
fax. +33 4 7748 5039

Alain M. Mure-Ravaud was born in Lyon, France, on March 22, 1947. He received the engineer degree from ISIN, University of Nancy, in 1969 and the "Doctorat de spécialités" degree from the University of Lyon, in 1976, all in electronics.

He spent ten years as an assistant of electronics at polytechnique school, Tananarive, Madagascar. In 1979, he joined the enginering school ISTASE of the University of Saint-Etienne where he is lecturing in optoelectronics and engaged in research at the TSI laboratory.

His research interest includes firstly pattern recognition then optical fibres and integrated optics. He is now concerned with application of neural netwoks and genetic algorithms for solving inverse problems in diffractive optics.

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