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 Murmansk State Technical University

At present MSTU, being the oldest and the only State technical higher educational institution of the Murmansk region, objectively carries out the role of the Regional Science-Educational Centre.

Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU) is a well situated and equipped educational institution. The University's campus is situated in the center of Murmansk and consists of the main training-laboratory buildings, 8 subsidiary buildings, a pilot-experimental base, 4 hostels, a canteen, cultural-sport complex, and various logistic premises. Besides, the University has a plot of land in a picturesque recreation zone on the bank of the Tuloma river, and also a training boat base with a plot of a coastal line, which is 1515 meters long, in the mouth of the Kola Gulf (the Tuva-bay).

MSTU is a collective member of the Russian Transport Academy, a member of Engineering Education Association of Russia and Association of Technical Universities.

The University and the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KSC RAS) created Apatity Branch of MSTU on the base of Geological Institute of the KSC RAS, Mining Institute of the KSC RAS, Institute on Industrial Ecology of the North of the KSC RAS, Marine Biological Institute of the KAS RAS, Institute of Chemistry and Technology of rare metals and minerals of the KSC RAS.

There are about 6000 students and post-graduates at the University. A half of them is trained on the programmes of the socio-economic subjects, including international and European programmes in the following directions: international market and management, international trade and entrepreneurship, international accountancy, banking and law.

Annually MSTU offers new training courses in order to correspond to developing market economy, carrying out close cooperation with the Kola Science Centre, connected to the leading economic interests of the region.

The Academic Staff of MSTU includes 400 licensed specialists (118 Candidates of Sciences, 38 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 22 Associates and Members of Russian and Foreign Academies of Sciences). The Scientific degrees conferred nowadays to the University students are Bachelor and Master. The graduates from engineering faculties are given a qualification of a specialist-engineer.

Codewitz Project Staff

Mr. Anton Saveliev, Ph.D. (Economics)
deputy director of Information Technologies Center of MSTU
Codewitz Local Coordinator

tel.: +7 8152 232233, +7 8152 239191
fax: +7 8152 232233

I'm working at MSTU since 1996. My interests are: in IT -operating systems and networks, RDBMS (lectures for students and development of IT infrastructure at MSTU), in Economics - regional economics, logistics.

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